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Data and artificial intelligence

You get Diversity creativity value

We offer outsourcing services to companies, organizations and associations that aim to streamline and channel processes.

By using the most advanced technologies. We offer automation services, reports, statistics and machine learning.

Process optimization can save you a lot of time, manpower, money and unnecessary resources

And allows you to allocate the organization’s resources to growth and progress.

Let's help us create jobs for people with disabilities

Our Services

Businesses produce and store vast amounts of data from which they derive significant insights for faster and better decision making through business intelligence (BI). Because of the variety and complexity of this data, efficient and cost-effective data analysis is required. Data automation is an important process that can be implemented / integrated to achieve this goal.

  • Office Processes – MS Office:
  • Excel
  • Word- Word
  • Outlook
  • Mail Merge
  • Gathering information from the Internet
  • Create management reports
  • Excel-based reports
  • BI-based reports
  • Extracting insights from data
  • Machine learning

TovTech's vision

A social start-up founded by and for people with disabilities.

We believe that employing people with disabilities in the high-tech industry, and especially in research and development positions, is a competitive advantage for companies in developing innovative, customized and more valuable products.

Creating a community

Creating a community of people with disabilities who study and work together

Vocational training

Industry-relevant training

By using the most advanced technologies


We enable customized learning and flexible work

Open source

Familiarity with the open source world, how to contribute and contribute

So what do we offer?

Contributing to the Community

Supporting the employment of people with disabilities and mentally challenged people who without TovTech would not have realized their employment potential

Encouraging people with disabilities in the high-tech field


Diversity of people encourages creativity, getting out of the box and creating innovative solutions


The occupational flexibility we offer enables the employment of talented and exceptional people who need flexibility according to their needs

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