Digital marketing services

You get Diversity creativity value

We offer services to companies, organizations and associations in the field of digital marketing.

why, specifically we?


We have a team of over 20 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales, training and tutorials.

Global experience

We have experimented with diverse markets such as the United States, Europe and Israel.

We will fly your business forward

We have been working in sales for over 20 years.
We worked as salespeople around the world, managed sales teams and trained many salespeople.

We believe that the main and most important thing for the success of the business-
Is to know how to sell it!

Customer Service

We provide quality and fast customer service.

Beyond professionalism we believe that service is above all!

Social value

When you choose our service-

You choose to give back to the community

Our entire team is made up of talented people with disabilities who would not find themselves in the job market without Tobtech.

Let's help us create jobs for people with disabilities

Our Services

In today’s era, business is not

Found on social media – does not exist.

We use social networks for several reasons:

– Increase the exposure to the business / product

– Brand the product / business

and the most important thing:

Bring leads!

Bring in customers who will make us money!

Our service includes:

Introductory meeting – getting to know the business, coordinating expectations, setting goals, examining business feasibility, etc.

Market survey – defining the target audience, competitors, differentiation and branding, formulating a marketing language, etc.

Research on social networks – researching hashtags, groups, formulating a marketing strategy, building a uniform feed, creating value on the page, etc.

Writing quality marketing content.

Building a marketing plan – short and long term

The design of the photos and the feed in its entirety + the stories.

Bi-weekly meetings – setting goals, building a bi-weekly plan that includes strategies and content.

* The customer must provide the company with all the photos and / or videos he wishes to publish on the page.

For business owners who do not want to market themselves.

I believe that anything that someone else can do better than you – you should outsource to him

  • Active maintenance of the account – uploading content, creating value, building a community, uploading followers, etc.

    Which includes *:

    • Uploading posts and creating a uniform feed
    • Upload Story
    • Create permanent corners in the story
    • Creating content according to the times of the year (holidays, special days, Black Friday, seasons, etc.)
    • Quick response to followers and leads.
    • Marketing writing – creating an Ida language that is right for the target audience.

    * The services will be provided according to the package chosen by the customer

Packages and prices:

Basic package : posting 3 posts on Instagram a week + 2 posts on Facebook + 3 stores a week on Instagram + a response of up to an hour a month to followers.

Cost 1500 NIS per month

Silver package – posting 3 posts on Instagram a week + 2 posts on Facebook + 7 stories a week + a response of up to two hours a month to followers.

Cost 2400 NIS per month

Gold package – posting 6 posts on Instagram a week + at least 3 posts on Facebook + 15 stories a week + creating corners in the story + responding to followers.

Cost 3200 NIS per month

TovTech's vision

A social start-up founded by and for people with disabilities.

We believe that employing people with disabilities in the high-tech industry, and especially in research and development positions, is a competitive advantage for companies in developing innovative, customized and more valuable products.

Creating a community

Creating a community of people with disabilities who study and work together

Vocational training

Industry-relevant training

By using the most advanced technologies


We enable customized learning and flexible work

Open source

Familiarity with the open source world, how to contribute and contribute

So what do we offer?

Contributing to the Community

Supporting the employment of people with disabilities and mentally challenged people who without TovTech would not have realized their employment potential

Encouraging people with disabilities in the high-tech field


Diversity of people encourages creativity, getting out of the box and creating innovative solutions


The occupational flexibility we offer enables the employment of talented and exceptional people who need flexibility according to their needs

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