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TovTech's vision

Integration of people with disabilities in high-tech professions.

We believe that by building an appropriate program and training we can realize the potential of many people with disabilities through their integration into high-tech professions.

We strive to allow as many people as possible to take part, so our programs are subsidized, online and run with tailored learning methods.

You get diverse creativity value

The current use of traditional resumes as a primary means of sorting, prevents diversity and causes the systematic exclusion of many populations from the high-tech industry.

This is because the emphasis is on an academic degree or work experience, with no reference to online learning.

Recruitment Analytics is a tool designed to open doors for people who excel in independent and digital learning and therefore encounter barriers that make it difficult for them to get a job.

Let's change the world

Our product ..

There is great difficulty in recruiting workers in the high-tech world.

Huge resources are invested in placement, recruitment and sorting processes that often fail and the length of stay of employees in companies is shortened.

  • The product will be an additional path for the absorption of candidates which is not affected by the candidate’s CV (CV) and thus will increase the diversity of the company’s employees.
  • Our technology will make it possible to facilitate the recruitment process and reduce the information gaps between recruiters and candidates.
  • This is another tool for evaluating candidates with no experience or degree.

Companies will be able to use the tool as a filtering tool in the recruitment process.

The tool can be a substitute for the grueling and unsupervised housework.

For example, if Python knowledge of the job is required, the company will be able to refer the candidate to an online course and obtain information about the candidate’s form of learning and analysis relevant to the job for which he or she is differentiating.

The product is developed by people with disabilities.

Encourages combinations in the employment circle in general and in high-tech in particular.

The product will enable the recruitment of diverse people – as well as people with disabilities who would have disappeared with the traditional resume filtering method.

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We provide in-depth analysis based on the candidate’s learning process using Chrome extension and AI-based algorithms

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So what are we looking for?

Companies that will agree to pilot with us

Design partners
Recruitment companies work for technological positions in which we can develop the product according to their needs and requirements

We will always be happy to hear ideas and feedback

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