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YouTube Channels statistics 2023

Sharing @sean grace’s Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) project about “YouTube Channels statistics 2023” , as part of @TovTech Data Analyst course.

The primary objective of this project is to look for insights and provide guidance for those interested in reaching a top 1000 YouTube channel.This EDA aimed to help potential YouTube channel creators by examining popularity, growth, and earnings of different categories



The course is a part of a partnership between TovTech and DataCamp. Here is what Sean had to say about the DataCamp platform:

“Through datacamp’s video lessons and hands-on exercises, I gained a foundation in Python, Pandas, and working with data which helped me to take on my analytics project. Their virtual notebooks provided a convenient workspace where I could experiment with concepts and processes. The XP system helped keep me motivated along the way. The classes broke down subjects into a helpful learning path that built my abilities step-by-step.”

Non-profits are invited to partner with DataCamp Donates to empower communities through data education and skill-building opportunities:

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