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You get Diversity creativity value

We offer services to companies, organizations and associations in the field of digital marketing.

TovTech's vision

Integration of people with disabilities in high-tech professions.

We believe that by building an appropriate program and training we can realize the potential of many people with disabilities through their integration into high-tech professions.

We strive to allow as many people as possible to take part, so our programs are subsidized, online and run with tailored learning methods.

Why choose Us


We have a team of over 20 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, sales, training and tutorials.

Social value

When you choose our service-

You choose to give back to the community

Our entire team is made up of talented people with disabilities who would not find themselves in the job market without Tobtech.

We will fly your business forward

We have been working in sales for over 20 years.
We worked as salespeople around the world, managed sales teams and trained many salespeople.

We believe that the main and most important thing for the success of the business-
Is to know how to sell it!

Global experience

We have experimented with diverse markets such as the United States, Europe and Israel.

Customer Service

We provide quality and fast customer service.

Beyond professionalism we believe that service is above all!

Help us create jobs
For people with disabilities

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