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TovTech's vision

Integration of people with disabilities in high-tech professions.

We believe that by building an appropriate program and training we can realize the potential of many people with disabilities through their integration into high-tech professions.

We strive to allow as many people as possible to take part, so our programs are subsidized, online and run with tailored learning methods.

our team

Talya Kochav Avihail

She graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree in business administration, sociology and anthropology from the Hebrew University and is a graduate student in management sciences at Tel Aviv University. Has extensive experience in management, sales and marketing.
Graduate of a course in digital marketing at the Technion.

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Raz Hadas

Doctoral student in information technology management, with a master's degree in management science with a specialization in financial management and a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting, all three from Tel Aviv University. 3 years of experience working as a Data Analyst in the economic and financial field, conducts courses in the field of data for individuals and groups.

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Avichai Har-Tov

Software engineer with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science (and an MFA in filmmaking). Super creative and full of passion. A wonderful team player with the ability to stand out and also lead.

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Rimon Tubin

Rimon has held senior positions in the fields of fintech, big data and analytics, in leading bodies such as Bank Hapoalim and Isracard, in his most recent position as VP of Technology and Innovation at PANGEA IT. He is currently the initiator of Impact and the founder of Akutism.

Or Akirav

Holds a bachelor's degree in computer science with a specialization in DATA SCIENCE. Master's degree from Afeka College of Artificial Intelligence. Has extensive experience from academia and industry in machine learning and algorithms. Experience in teaching from academia and privately in the data professions.

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Ron Gat

Engaged in data-based marketing. Helps small and medium-sized companies in marketing, customer acquisition and sales. Has worked for over 20 years in global markets such as the US and Europe and has brought more than 1000 customers to their destinations. Delivered a course in digital marketing to over 2000 students in Europe, the USA and Israel.

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